Steven Barich is an American-born artist and educator currently living in Portugal. His art practice employs themes and/or rules to directly guide the outcome of the image or object—such that can be described with the words: reverberation, abstract, negative mass, habitual pattern, impossible structure, broken-into-one. The forms manifest in drawing, collage, video and sculpture, commonly presented side-by-side in a single exhibition. Steven Barich studied at the California College of Arts & Crafts (now CCA) in Oakland, California, USA, later earning an MFA in Painting and Sculpture from Mills College in Oakland, California. He has exhibited at numerous spaces from artist-run alternative exhibitions to city museums, with periodic interventions performed in the public space.

The artist at work.

Exhibitions include solo shows at Galeria Saguão (Viseu, PT), Branch Gallery (Oakland, USA), Rowan Morrison Gallery (Oakland, USA) and The Compound Gallery (Oakland, USA), as well as group exhibitions at/for Museu do Falso (Viseu/Lisbon, PT), POLDRA (Viseu, PT), Objectos Experimentais (Viseu, PT), Southern Exposure (San Francisco, USA), The Turchin Center for the Arts (Boone, NC, USA) The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, USA), the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (Rotterdam, NL), TENT Center for Contemporary Art (Rotterdam, NL) and Curators without Borders (Berlin, D). In addition to exhibiting work, Barich has organized and curated exhibitions in partnership and independently in Rotterdam (NL), Oakland (CA, USA) and San Franciso (CA, USA).

Steven Barich has been artist-in-residence at Air Bergen, USF Verftet (Norway), Stichting B.a.d., Rotterdam (NL) and Works/San José, San José (USA). He has tutored in the MFA Thesis program and Piet Zwarte Institute, Rotterdam (NL), Extended Education Faculty/Mentor in Studio Painting at the California College of the Arts (SF, CA, USA) and PT Faculty at Diablo Valley College (CA, USA) in the Studio Painting department. Publications of works and writing can be found in issues and online of ZYZZYVA – A journal of arts & letters (San Francisco, CA, USA), the East Bay Express (Berkeley, CA, USA), Art Ltd. Magazine (online), Achiote Press (USA), True-Eye Digital Showcase (online), Art World Digest (NY/LA, USA), Nomads + Residents (Rotterdam, NL), Urban View (Bay Area, CA, USA) and ArtWeek (Oakland/San Jose, CA, USA).

He currently lives and works at the Moinhos do Dão – Eco Quinta project.

Contact email: steven @ stevenbarich dot com

2001 Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Sculpture, Mills College, California, USA.
1997 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing, California College of Arts and Crafts, California, USA.

2015 – Mind-uments and Not-things (a process of rebuilding), Saguao Espaco Experimental, Viseu, Portugal
2011 – Zen with a Kickstand, Branch Gallery, bayVAN, Oakland, CA, USA
2009 – The Logic Stone, Rowan Morrison Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA
2008 – Playing with Multiplicity, Compound Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA
2002 – INVISIBLE / INVINCIBLE, window installation of multi-media work, Roem Exhibition Space, Rotterdam, NL.

2016 – Objectos Experimentais: “As outros máquinas de Arquimedes”, Parque Aquilino Ribeiro, Viseu, Portugal
2006 – Steven R. Barich and Dan Nelson, 21 Grand Space, Oakland, CA, USA
2006 – Steven R. Barich and Bas van Beek, Xi Gallery, Gent, Belgium
2003 – 1e Open Atelier “B” Route, Charlois, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
2003 – Spacescapes-Landlines, site-specific installation/collaboration with C.Rusche, TENT. Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, Netherlands in conjunction with the International Architectural Biennial Rotterdam – Mobility: A Room with a View.
2001 – Previously Unseen Painting, group exhibition of Oakland based painters, The Red Door, Oakland, California, USA.

2023 – Gabinete de Curiosidades, Quinta da Cruz, Viseu, Portugal.
2022 – Núcleo Linguístico (MdF), “Fragmento de texto não publicado de Bernardo Soares “Uma Língua sem Factos,” Biblioteca Camões, Lisbon, Portugal.
2021 – O Museu do Falso é um Museu de História da Cidade, Viseu, Portugal.
2019 – POLDRA – Public Sculpture Project Viseu, parque do Fontelo, Viseu, Portugal.
2011 – Working Conditions, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2010 – BOOM! – 18th Annual Juried Exhibition, curated by Astria Suparak, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2010 – Juried Annual 2011, curated by Paola Santoscoy, ProArts Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA.
2010 – Between Gray Areas, Macarthur b Arthur, Oakland, CA, USA.
2010 – A Simple Bestiary curated by Obi Kaufmann, Sweetart Drawing Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA.
2010 – Monster Drawing Rallye, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2009 – Juried Annual 2010 curated by Sam Sherman, ProArts Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA.
2009 – Passive/Aggressive curated by Jeannene Przyblyski , Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2009 – Object Oriented, The Compound Gallery, Oakland, CA, USA
2008 – Animal Magnetism, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, CA, USA.
2008 – On the Mark!, Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, Fall’07/Winter’08, Boone, NC, USA.
2007 – The Little Show, Swarm Gallery, Fall, Oakland, CA, USA.
2007 – Invisible/Invincible: A Ticket to Nothingness, Curators Without Borders, Fall/Winter, Berlin, D.
2007 – CuprArte Contemporanea 2007, June, Cupreamontana (AN), Italy.
2007 – CCA Alumni at the Centennial, Montclair Gallery, March, Oakland, CA, USA.
2007 – Monster Drawing Rallye, Southern Exposure, February, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2007 – Video III Group Exhibition, De Fabriek, February, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
2007 – Juried Annual 2008 selections by Berin Golonu, Pro Arts Gallery, February, Oakland, CA, USA.
2006 – The Patriot Show II, group exhibition, Cricket Engine, Sept., Oakland, CA, USA.
2006 – Air Terminal, group video exhibition, Primo Piano Living Gallery, August, Lecce, Italy.
2006 – o Collect 1, group video exhibition, Studio A, June-July, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2006 – Signature of the City for Cut for Purpose, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Feb.–Apr., Rotterdam, NL.
2005 – kloone4000, a research project, group show and lectures/debates on cloning, Amsterdam, NL.
2005 – Belgrade in the Past and Present, Prodajna galerija “Beograd” / Belgrade, Serbia.
2005 – Composites.Patterns.Outcomes, group exhibition, May, Voorburgstraat Studios, Rotterdam, NL.
2005 – Versionfest>05:Invincible Desire, April-May, Chicago, USA (
2005 – PrintRoom at Printing Matters, Witte de With Center, April, Rotterdam, NL (
2005 – Radiodays, de Appel Art Center, April, Amsterdam, NL (
2004 – ATM Art Show, StartSOMA, August, San Francisco, USA (
2004 – Success!!, The Budget Gallery, August, San Francisco, USA (
2004 – The Version>04: invisibleNetworks Convergence, April 16 – May 1, Chicago, USA, (
2004 – 95mm2, March onward, Capsule Productions & Medicine Bar, Birmingham, England.
2004 – Lokaltermin, February 6 – 8, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Germany.
2003 – Stencils: The Art of Negative Space, August 21 – Sept. 6, CELLspace, San Francisco, California, USA.
2003 – B.O.B. Music Festival Art Exhibition, August 13-17, The Paradox, Bremen, Germany.
2003 – The Great Debate Show, June 1 – June 8, 2003, The Budget Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA.
2003 – PrintRoom, text based works within printed matter exhibit, February, ROOM, Rotterdam, NL.
2002 – ROOM the SHOP, text based works and art-products in group exhibition, ROOM, Rotterdam, NL.
2002 – trepidation, group exhibition of contemporary artists, 16march projects, San Francisco, CA.
2001 – Residual Images, group exhibition of mixed media work, November 15 – 30, Studio Z , San Francisco, California.
2001 – MFA Thesis Exhibition, exhibition of MFA recipients, May, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, California.
2001 – ArtAngels Art Walk, group exhibition of contemporary artists, March 27 – 29, SOMARTS Gallery, SF, California.
2000 – Fabricated to be Photographed, group exhibition of 20×24 Polaroid photography, December, Calumet Photography, San Francisco, California.
2000 – Fuzzy Logic, tenth annual juried exhibition, painting segment, November 17 – December 18, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, California.
2000 – Crossroads, collaboration between MFA candidates from Mills College and SFAI, Feb. 18-26, Walter & McBean Galleries, San Francisco, CA, USA.
2000 – Shrink, seventh annual juried exhibition, drawing segment, November 21 – December 20, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, California.
2000 – Kaleidoscope of Color Blue, group exhibition of paintings and prints, July 12 – 31, Museum of Downtown Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

2008 – Works/San José, Artist Residency Program, San José, CA, USA.
2005 – Air Bergen, Artist’s Residency Program, USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway (
2003 – Project Subsidie, C.B.K. Rotterdam, Netherlands.
2002 – Guest Artist, Stichting B.a.d., Rotterdam, Netherlands (
2000 – Alumnae Scholarship, Mills College, Oakland, California.

2001-12 – Editor/Designer, The Picasso Project, Alan Wofsy Fine Art, USA.
2005-08 – Extended Education faculty, Advanced StudioPainting, CCA, Oakland/S.F., California.
2005-08 – YASP/Special Programs faculty, CCA, Oakland/S.F., California.
2006-07 – PT Faculty, Diablo Valley College, California. Painting I and II courses.
2003-05 – Thesis Advisor, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2003-05 – Practical Building Assistant, 2012 Architecten, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2003-06 – English Editor for publications, Self-employed, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
2001 – Adjunct Instructor, Vista College, Web I: Design and Layout, USA.
2000 – Graduate Assistant, Mills College, Beginning Painting, USA.

2010 – Art Publishing Now, advisory committee and APN Library
2009 – Pro Arts Juried Annual 2010, East Bay Express
2009 – Best of the Bay Blog 2009, East Bay Express, for
2009 – Art Ltd Magazine., art pulse, may/june issue
2008 – – Full-scope Art Issues Online – Founder
2008 – Animal Magnetism Exhibition Catalog, OCCCA Gallery.
2008 – Achiote Press book cover for poetry annual.
2008 – The Visual Movement interview
2007 – True-Eye, Digital Showcase for the Arts,
2006 – Art World Digest, featured artist, Issue #1, New York/Los Angeles, USA.
2005 – Navigating the Inside-Out, published in HTV #59, Amsterdam, NL.
2005 – The Others 2 Symposium, SCIENCE FICTION ‘SENS MORAL, het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, NL.
2003 – 1st Archtectural Biennial, catalogue entry for the Spacescapes-Landlines project, Rotterdam, NL
2002 – Co-curator for 16march projects, creating on-the-spot art exhibitions with a strong curatorial focus.
2002 – Lecture: A Report on INVISIBLE/INVINCIBLE, by S.R. Kucharski, Nomads+Residents, May 11, Zaal de Unie, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
2002 – Co-curator for The Red Door (1999-02), a multidisciplinary exhibition space, Oakland, California.
2001 – Featured Cover Artist, UrbanView (, Oct. 7th issue, for The Box.
2001 – Review in ArtWeek, March 2001, for group show Previously Unseen Painting.

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